Return of the Jedi

DSC_0063After the disaster of 2014, Lee is making a return to the cost effective Formula Jedi Championship in 2015. This was Lee’s only real option to carry on racing in a fast competitive series. Hoping to challenge for a 2nd title, Lee will be joining forces with the Factory Jedi team and Hytune Motorsport, the same combination that won 9 out of 14 races on route to the 2013 title.

Lee said “Its great to be back on the grid with a great bunch of friends. Jedi has built a new car to accommodate me as there was no car available. Its been a great effort to keep me on the track and I’m hoping to be challenging at the front. Last year I was let down by sponsors, but I have raised enough to start the Jedi series.”

A new challenge for Lee in 2015 will be switching engine from a GSXR K6 to the newer K8 model. The K8 has totally different characteristics, with a lot less torque but more top end power. This will be another learning curve.

A fantastic addition for 2015 is Shaun Smith Media will be teaming up with LMR at every event to provide photo’s, video’s and live updates to help you get closer to the action.

Lee will be running competitions throughout the year on social media.

Hope to see you at the circuit, come and watch the action!

Thanks for all the support.